Google+ Photos > Google Photos.

Google dropped a lot more off the new standalone Photos when it broke it off from Google+. That or there’s a whole bunch of stuff I can no longer find. Maybe I should go back and try and find the tutorials.

Where once you could view just your Auto-Awesomes, now everything is much presented with much less categorization.

And that categorization was useful dammit. All your photos are now on an infinite scroll, that’s cool in theory, but I’ve just dragged my slider down to 2008 and it’s taken me nearly another year of my life just to see how much of a goober I was at 18.

Oh hey, there’s a photo I want to send my girlfriend of how stupid I used to be, but on an email, because I don’t want to put that on Facebook or Twitter… but there’s are my only options. Excluding Google+, but that wasn’t my call, that was the public’s decision. Now I have to copy the shareable link, and then send it myself from Gmail. Two weeks ago I could just attach it right from Photos.

Why did functionality get stripped out to make this product ready for rerelease to a wider audience? I don’t want to be cynical but is it all just going to be added back in later as updates, because so few people used it before that it’s a chance to get good press from the wider public?

Photo from a Verge Google+ review.

In the meantime, I’ll be missing the good ol’ days of Photos, when I could manually feed pictures into the Auto-Awesome machine, and not hear everybody else gush about how awesome it was.

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