Gifting a Sexy Hotwife to the Birthday Boy

My husband wants his friend to have a fabulous birthday.

Lacey Cross
Take My Wife — Please!
10 min readJan 24, 2023


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When I enter the backroom of the bar with my husband, Mark, all conversation stops and five pairs of eyes swivel towards us. The five men sit at a round table. The wooden surface is covered with empty shot glasses, baskets of pub finger foods, and half-empty pitchers of beer.

Ian, the birthday boy, is the largest of the guys. With the red hair and beard, he’s hard to miss. He’s holding a mug of beer, and his hands distract me for a moment. My god, they’re huge. He could probably fit my entire breast into his palm, an impressive feat since I’m not small chested.

I was already buzzing from the anticipation of fucking Ian, but I get an extra shot of lust when I see the rest of the group. The other four are attractive, in an average middle age sort of way. I mean, I wouldn’t toss any of them out of my bed for eating cookies. They all have beards, which strikes me as funny. This isn’t no-shave November. Do they have a weird pact going on?

Not that I care. I love men with beards. They’re able to tickle me in all the right places.

No one speaks. All five continue to stare at me. I feel my face heating.

Fuck it. I’ll get us started.

I dig deep and channel my college-age slutty self and sashay towards the table.

“I hope you all brought your A game. My husband wants to watch you all fuck me hard.”

Maybe a little exaggeration there, since Mark never said he wanted it hard. That’s all on me.

Ian smiles. His eyes twinkle as he raises his glass in a toast. “To a great birthday!”

I can get down with that sentiment. Grabbing one of the half-finished beers from the table, I take a long swig before raising it towards Ian.

“Here’s to making it memorable. Now.” I put the glass down and meet every single pair of eyes in turn. “Who wants to fuck me?”

The guys laugh as Ian stands up.

“Come here, you sexy little minx. Let’s give the boys a show.”

All it took was a little push, and now this is moving fast, but I’ve been wanting his thick cock all day. He can bend me over the table right now and I’d just moan like the greedy slut I am.

My legs are rubbery as I circle the table. As I pass each guy, I run my hands along their shoulders, letting my fingernails graze the backs of their necks. I get the insane urge to play duck-duck-goose, and the tag-you’re-it guy is the one who gets to fuck me.

When I get close to Ian, I stop within arm’s reach. I came this far; he’s going to have to make the next move. With a little guidance from me. Now that I’ve got it in my head I want him to bend me over and fuck me, I’m going to do whatever I can to make him do exactly that.

He’ll think it was his idea.

He steps forward and reaches for my waistband, but I slip out of his grasp to turn my back to him, pressing against him. His fingers glide over my ass. Pleasure zips through me and I wiggle my butt against his hand. I discover the material of the daisy dukes is annoyingly thick. I want his warm palm on my bare ass.

He runs his hands down and along my inner thighs. I spread my legs to give him better access as my pussy buzzes happily.

Jesus. I haven’t even been here five minutes and already his hand is between my legs. I’m such a slut.

But I’m a happy slut.

He cups my mound in his hand. I arch my back in delight and thrust my hips towards him.

Dammit, I need these shorts off.

He holds onto my hip with one hand while he rubs my jeans-covered pussy with the other. Leaning down, he whispers in my ear. “Are you going to be a good little toy and let us all fuck you?”

His breath tickles me and I’m momentarily tongue tied. I nod my agreement before letting out a breathy “Yes.”

“Then take off your shorts, slut.”

Perfection. Ohhh, yes. I move my hand to my waistband, idly wondering if Mark told him how much I love being called a slut? Then I freeze. Wait, where is Mark?

A quick peek around the room shows me Mark sitting in a chair a few feet from the table. He’s staring at me and lust shoots straight to my clit from the intensity of his gaze.

Holy shit! My brain goes fuzzy and I’m hit by a deep yearning to be drenched in cum in front of Mark. I regaled him with all the slutty stories from my younger years, but he’s never seen me act that way. It’s time for him to see how filthy his wife really is.

I unbutton my shorts with shaking hands, and wiggle them down my thighs.

Glancing over my shoulder, I raise an eyebrow at Ian. “Panties too?”

Ian runs his hand over the satin red material before giving me a husky, “Yes.”

My pussy throbs with excitement and my clit aches. Good. This is going to get me fucked quicker. I shimmy out of the wet panties and step out carefully so my heels don’t get tangled in the material. As I’m about to toe them aside, I change my mind and only push the shorts out of my way. I reach down to grab my panties, ball them up, and aim at Mark.

“I’ve got a present for you, my love.”

I hurl them at him. Mark catches them easily and moves them to his nose. He inhales deeply before tucking them into his pocket. He looks a little dazed as he focuses back on me.

Oh god, he just sniffed my arousal for another man. Okay, that’s fucking hot. I almost ask him if he’s still good with this, but the bulge in his jeans says he’s enjoying everything.

I’m naked from the waist down and ready for action, but it’s not enough. I pull my tank top over my head and let it fall to the floor. The guys around the table can see my front. The closest one licks his lips while he stares at my breasts. It might seem weird that no one introduced me to the other guys, but I prefer it this way. I want to be used by a bunch of strangers, and this hits the kink safely. Mark is such an amazing husband to organize this.

Ian reaches around and cups my breasts. He’s flush against my back and his erection presses against my ass. When he pulls at my nipples, I moan from pleasure.

God, just fuck me already.

As he uses his massive paws to play with my breasts, I can’t help teasing him.

“What do you think?”

He laughs. “I can’t decide if I like your tits or your ass better.”

I grind my ass against him. “Well, I think I know which one you prefer.”

“You think so, do you?”

“Yep. And if you’re a good boy, I might let you have it.”

He takes a step back. “I can just take my birthday present.” Before I can say anything, he spins me and presses my shoulders to the surface of the table.

Ohhh, fuck yes. He’s playing perfectly into my hand.

Two guys grab baskets of food and push them aside so I don’t smash them. Not that I care. I’m about to get what I want.

A sharp slap on my ass makes me squeak. “Hey!”

“Jennifer, you remind me of someone.” Ian’s voice has a gravelly tone that sets my pussy tingling.

“Oh, yeah?”

He gives me another hard spank and wetness trickles down my inner thigh. Damn, I love being spanked.

“Yeah. Did Mark tell you how I had a freeuse slut in the mountains?” He rains hard smacks on my ass, alternating cheeks.

“Yes…. God, yes.” Fuuuuck, this is amazing. If he keeps this up, I’ll be begging him to fuck me however he wants.

A delicious pain vibrates through my core the longer he spanks me. Each hit sinks me further into a submissive state, dulls the sharpness of the sting, and turns it to pleasure. I close my eyes and drift on a sea of euphoria. I’m so mentally fuzzy, I don’t notice he’s stopped spanking me until the tip of his cock presses against my wet folds.

“Do you want to know how the night in the cabin ended?”

I open my eyes and moan out a breathy “yes.” I want to cry out and beg him to fuck me while he finishes the story, but I’m distracted by the guy sitting next to me. He’s staring at me with fire in his eyes. I can tell he wants to fuck me hard. Will they all just pound into me and use me? Am I even going to come?

Ohhhh, god.

My nipples harden painfully. I clutch the edges of the table to hold myself steady in case Ian rams into me and starts going to town. If I don’t find pleasure with these guys, I know Mark will take care of me when we get home… unless he’s crazed with lust.

Fuck. He already is. What if I don’t come tonight?

Ian rubs the tip of his cock against my clit. I moan and wiggle my ass. I want to know what a monster cock feels like inside me again. It’s been years since I’ve had one bigger than average.

He slides the length along my slit before sinking into me. As he presses in slowly, he stretches me out, inch by agonizing inch, as pings of bliss explode in my brain.

Shiiiiit, he’s huge.

Once Ian bottoms out, he remains buried in me and continues the story.

“After the freeuse slut showed up, all the guys fucked her. Then we used her mouth.”

I know all of this from Mark, but I don’t tell him. My head spins when he pulls out fully. He fills me again before stopping.

“We fucked her until she was mindless. She was such a beautiful mess, all covered in cum when we were done with her.”

Oh, fuck. That’s hot.

“But the best part of the night? I was the first and the last guy to fuck her”

Why is he telling me this? I can’t think with his cock inside me. I squirm, trying to get him to thrust. Jesus, can’t he see I need him to fuck me?

“Since this is my birthday. I’m going to do the same to you. I’m going to use you all I want. You’re my freeuse gift from your husband.”

Hold on. My husband gave me to him? Like I’m a piece of property?

My pussy clenches around his cock and my entire body flushes. Oh fuck, why is this hot?

He pulls out, grabs hold of my hips, and slams into me.

I scream.

“Oooh my god!” My eyes close again as he pummels my pussy.

Jesus Christ. Mark better be enjoying this show. This is fucking fabulous.

The table shakes and the glasses and plates rattle from the force of him jackhammering into me. Every thrust sends me reeling higher. I tighten my grip on the edge of the table to keep from being knocked around like a rag doll.

Ian wraps my ponytail around his fist and pulls, forcing me to lift my head. I stare straight ahead and realize Mark is right in my line of sight. He’s enjoying me being used, stroking himself through his pants, his eyes hooded with desire. I whimper from a spike of bliss.

Ian pumps into me relentlessly. “Is this what you wanted, my freeuse slut?”

I pant out, “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

He pulls back and slaps my ass with his other hand. “You think I’m going easy on you, slut? You’re my toy to do with as I wish. So get ready for it because I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

Ian’s dirty talk is filthier than anything Mark ever says to me. Every time he calls me a slut, a part of my brain pings. I am a slut, and these guys can do whatever they want to me tonight. I’ll love everything.

My pussy throbs, and I’m aching for him to fill me with his cum. It’s been years since I’ve had anyone else’s jizz inside me, and tonight I want all I can get. The idea of dripping with all their cum spirals me closer to orgasm. I’m just a dirty whore that needs it.

Ian’s fist grips my hair tighter as he continues slamming into me, grunting in time with each thrust. My thigh muscles tense as bliss ripples through me.

Ohhhh, I’m going to come!

He growls and increases his pace, and I can tell he’s getting close by how he’s moaning. He pushes in deep, slapping his balls against my swollen clit with each powerful lunge. When he speeds up and fucks me, every quick thrust hits an amazing spot with the head of his cock. My entire body tenses as I dangle over the precipice, and it barely registers that I’m begging.

“Oh god, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t… ohhhhhhh, YES!”

A sharp whack against my pussy tips me over the edge. I cry out and convulse around his cock. In a few strokes, Ian moans loudly and explodes. His hot seed floods my pussy while I shudder and milk his cock, hungry to claim all his cum. His strokes slow until finally he stops.

When he pulls out of me, I moan from the emptiness. My hands ache from gripping the table so hard as I release them and flex my fingers. Ian reaches down to rub my throbbing pussy, and I whimper as he fingers my sensitive clit.

“She’s warmed up. Who’s next?”



Lacey Cross
Take My Wife — Please!

Lacey Cross is an author with over 100 books. Her stories emphasize the pleasure found from the wife embracing multiple men.