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Taking Off


7 Tips for the Fledgling Traveler

Advice I would have found helpful as a new explorer.

Holyhead, Wales. Photo by the author.

The first time I travelled to another country was when I was two years old. My parents were going on a missions trip to Belgium, and I was brought ceremoniously in tow. Now, at the time, I was obviously not worried about any kind of best-packing techniques, or safety in…




This publication is about taking off on foot, in a car, by plane or in the mind. It’s about taking off of work, school or life in general. Old stories, new stories and imagined stories that feature these various forms of taking off, including masks and hats, are all welcome.

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Ellie Brooke

Ellie Brooke

Poetry inspired by nature and the inner-wrestling. Prose in pursuit of living well. Learning how to ‘be’. Find me at: wilderword.com

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