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An Open Letter To Those Who Don’t Clean Their Homes On A Regular Basis

Somewhat of a rant, but too exhausted to feel anger

Photo by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash

Dear Those Who Don’t Like To Clean Their Home On A Regular Basis,

I hate moving into a home after people like you, including those of you who happen to be Airbnb hosts as well.




This publication is about taking off on foot, in a car, by plane or in the mind. It’s about taking off of work, school or life in general. Old stories, new stories and imagined stories that feature these various forms of taking off, including masks and hats, are all welcome.

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KL Simmons

KL Simmons

Owner of the pubs, “Taking Off” and “Pure Fiction”. Seeking to improve as a writer and human. Learning tons as I go. Lamenting that I’ll never know everything.

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