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Taking Off


The Trip That Never Was


Belfast mural, wikimedia commons

My husband and I had a trip booked to Ireland in June 2020. Due to Covid, the trip never happened. For a myriad of reasons, it’s a trip that likely won’t happen any time soon, so I want to virtually go on the trip that we were supposed to go on two years ago.




This publication is about taking off on foot, in a car, by plane or in the mind. It’s about taking off of work, school or life in general. Old stories, new stories and imagined stories that feature these various forms of taking off, including masks and hats, are all welcome.

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Krista Marson

Krista Marson

An avid traveler who has been grounded by the pandemic. Author of Memory Road Trip: https://books2read.com/u/47ND2E

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