Life in the New Economy

Imagine you got up one day, got dressed and went to work. Except when you arrived at the front doors of your office building, you didn’t go in.

You didn’t take the elevators to your office. You didn’t pour coffee in your favourite ironic mug. You didn’t sit down. You didn’t type in your password.

What if, instead, you sat down on the curb and began sketching ideas in your journal and began planning an adventure unlike anything you had ever dreamed possible?

You wouldn’t be alone.

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Unemployment rates have been rising since the 1950s. Companies are actively pursuing strategies to replace their workforce and push workers of every stripe for more productivity at any cost.

The writing is on the wall: regardless of the colour of their collars, workers need to be looking out for themselves.

By its very definition, work should be hard, challenging and even overwhelming at times. But it’s also supposed to serve a larger purpose.

Work, n: Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. — Oxford English Dictionary

We have allowed work’s purpose to be nothing more than creating value for shareholders. This is bankrupting our society of ethics, meaning and true value. It has resulted in cubicle farms and workers that are little more than a number on a balance sheet.

We believe these are signs of a crisis. Not a financial one, but a human one. What the system demands of us no longer aligns with what we strive for as human beings.

As a result, a new economy is emerging in which we are creating a new way of living and working. Some are calling this “the freelance economy”. Regardless of the title, there is a growing number of individuals who are redefining the way we value time, ourselves and our communities.

Jasmin and myself have both leaped into this unknown.

We decided to start “Here Be Dragons” to have an honest dialogue about what it’s like to live in this new economy, and to hear other people’s experiences. You can call it the “sharing economy” or the “creative economy” or the “freelance economy”. Anything outside of the 9-to-5 paycheque counts.

This podcast is our story and we hope you will join us on this adventure. There’s bound to be dragons.

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