Velocity Conference 2015 Wrap Up #velocityconf

I’m writing this blog post in our Tokyo office on Monday morning. It was the second time for me to attend Velocity Conference, and, as well as the previous in 2013, I had a great time there. I met so many awesome people, learned a lot from various stories by brilliant speakers.

Lowering risk of change through tools and culture

In my opinion, this is one of phrases that describes velocity culture. As @plightbo said in his talk, “Every business is becoming a software business”, and that means everyone must change their software sooner or later. But, in general, changing causes failure. Although zero failures are awesome, it requires too much cost and slows our business. Then, how should we change safely and quickly? @indec gave us an answer to it in his great presentation “Failure is an option”. He said something like that “Failure is an option: prevent expensive failures by making change small, deploying continuously, detecting the problem quickly.” I really like this idea, and it should be practiced by every company.

Fighting against the real

Thanks for @samnewman

Yes. It’s easy to talk about the ideal, I know. We must fight against the real. There are a lot of obstacles in the real world. For example, one of our company’s systems is a large monolithic Java application that has many features, and it is difficult to add new features quickly. So, we decided to split it into some services a few months ago. But, as you know, entering Microservices is not just splitting a monolithic system into smaller one. A lot of additional tasks are required for keeping all of systems stable. In addition that, we already have over 12 millions of users and a lot of users use it every day. The transition is not an easy way, but the lessons learned from various stories in velocity will help us.

Interesting talks

Ensuring a performant web for the next billion people

Principles of microservices

Enabling Microservices @Orbitz

Consul as a Monitoring Service

Failure Is An Option

osquery: approaching security the hacker way


Our company paid all of expense such as flight ticket, accommodation fee and conference fee for me. I’ve really appreciated that. Thank you.

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