The Iron Joe Thomas — A Perfect Blend of Strength and Creativity

Every profession requires a different set of talents, therefore Five Elements charts always reflect these abilities, flawlessly.

When it comes to American Football, usually we see three prominent Character Components. Leaders on the field, like Tom Brady for example, usually have strong POWER Component, combined with CREATIVITY. But when it comes to such aggressive sport as American Football, the BODY component is the key, it provides them with stamina and competitiveness.

Joe Thomas is one of the most known NFL players, famous for his great stamina, combined with creative skills, which is a rare blend to come across. His streak of over 10.000 consecutive snaps, which lasted for over a decade, was abrupted a few days ago after the triceps injury. To last that long, in one of the most injury-prone sports, it’s almost a miracle, so we decided to have a look.

“Iron” Joe Thomas was born as Yang Water Master Element, and his chart mainly consists of Water and Wood element. Earth element is very weak, while Metal serves here to support Water.

This is a clear indicator that BODY Component is extremely strong, which brings him physical power, self-esteem, and competitiveness.

Strong Wood brings him creative ability and intelligence on the field, in the form of Performer and Artist Talents.

This is one very powerful chart when it comes to competitive sports. A strong BODY is a foundation for every athlete, it protects them from injuries, and provides stamina. On a mental level, it gives them the courage to face the opponent.

Water occupies over 55% of his chart, and normally such excess would be problematic, but strong Wood drains this power and turns it into a creative force, making this chart highly productive.

So some of you probably wonder why he got injured now? There are many factors in play, but one of the main ones is that since 2014 he is in strong Yin Wood period, and this year brings strong Yin Metal, both these elements hurt his Yin Water, which represents his BODY, therefore he was more prone to injuries than usual.

No doubt that he will be back on the field soon, a few months break is actually good for him so he can skip the rest of this, for him, problematic year.

Originally published at Talent Hero.