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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

BTC is trading at around $4,904 at press time, holding ground on the day after it broke the $4,500 price mark for the first time this year. The coin has gained 17.66 percent on the day, while its weekly gains are over 22 percent. Today, cryptocurrency bull Brian Kelly suggested that the next Bitcoin target is going to be $6,000, and that cryptocurrency market is finding its bottom.

[Source: Cointelegraph] ✩✩✩✩

2. Malta: Financial Regulator Approves First 14 Crypto Assets Agents

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has approved its first 14 crypto assets agents that previously sought for a license, according to an official statement published today, April 2. The approval comes five months after the Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFA), adopted by Maltese government last year, came into power.

[Source: Cointelegraph] ✩✩✩✩

3. Pakistan Will Issue Its Own Digital Currency By 2025

According to the Dawn, a local media outlet, Pakistan’s central bank has announced plans to have a digital currency by 2025. Speaking about the regulation of Electronic Money Institutions, non-bank entities that will be allowed to issue “e-money” for digital payments, Pakistan’s State Bank Deputy Governor Jameel Ahmad told the audience that digital currency is more efficient. He also called on the government to ensure that cybersecurity was a top priority moving forward so that Pakistanis can fully take advantage of recent innovations.

[Source: CCN] ✩✩✩✩

4. Massive Bitcoin Whale Triggered BTC Surge With $100 Million Order, Says Crypto Investment Firm CEO

The CEO of cryptocurrency firm BCB Group says Bitcoin’s massive pump was triggered by a single Bitcoin whale, in a coordinated effort to buy nearly $100 million worth of BTC across three crypto exchanges.

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie told Reuters a 20,000 BTC buying spree executed simultaneously on Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp is largely responsible for the surge, which briefly boosted the price of BTC above $5,000.

[Source: Dailyhodl] ✩✩✩✩


Data from monitoring resource confirmed the milestone for Lightning, which has upped its Bitcoin transaction capacity by almost 50 percent over the past month. At press time April 2, Bitcoin mainnet Lightning had support for 1062 BTC ($5,080,000) — an all-time high in both BTC and USD terms.

[Source: Bitcoinist] ✩✩✩✩

6. XRP Exchange-Traded Product Goes Live on Swiss SIX Exchange

An exchange-traded product (ETP) tracking the price of the XRP cryptocurrency has gone live on Switzerland’s primary stock exchange SIX. Amun AG, the maker of the product, announced the news on Tuesday, saying that the XRP ETP had started trading on the exchange under the ticker symbol AXRP.

[Source: Coindesk] ✩✩✩

7. $255 Million: Coinbase Confirms Extent of Crypto Insurance Coverage

Coinbase has revealed the details of its insurance arrangements for cryptocurrency held on customers’ behalf, a rare move in an opaque market. In a blog post published Tuesday, Philip Martin the exchange’s vice president of security, confirmed that it is covered for up to $255 million for coins held in so-called hot wallets — in other words, assets which are essentially online and open to potential hacks.

[Source: Coindesk] ✩✩✩✩


Russian economist, Vladislav Ginko, is out with another bold claim. This time he says that some companies and wealthy individuals in Russia have bought 1.8 million bitcoin (about $8.6 billion).

[Source: Bitcoinist] ✩✩✩

9. PayPal Targets Identity Ownership With Its First Blockchain Investment

PayPal has joined a Series A investment in Cambridge Blockchain, a startup working to give individuals a way to own their own online identities without the need of middlemen like Facebook, much the way bitcoin lets its users store value without a bank.

As part of the investment, PayPal’s first in blockchain, the company is exploring how it might use Cambridge Blockchain’s platform to let its users prove who they are while still preventing personal information from being unnecessarily shared.

[Source: Forbes] ✩✩✩

10. A Small Bank in Germany Is Now Nearly 30% Owned by Crypto Companies

Almost 30 percent of the equity in WEG Bank AG, a previously obscure German bank focused on the real estate industry, is now owned by companies in the cryptocurrency industry, CoinDesk has learned. By purchasing 9.9 percent of the bank, blockchain startup Nimiq now joins TokenPay and the Litecoin Foundation as part owners of the Munich-area financial institution.

[Source: Coindesk] ✩✩✩✩

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