I have a talentcrush on Ben Brooks: “Creating a workplace that is truly diverse and inclusive is a competitive advantage”

Marian Jarzak
Feb 3 · 6 min read

What does it take to be an LGBTQ+ founder?

When did you realize that you are gay?

“For straight allies, it is important to realize that for LGBTQ+ people, understanding who they are is often more of a process than a moment.”

How was your coming out?

Do you believe that this closed or opened any doors in your career?

What do you think matters when companies engage in diversity and inclusion efforts?

“Research shows that when people can bring their “whole self to work” the employer and employee win.”

Do you think diversity efforts matters for employer branding?

How can companies showcase diversity efforts with their employer brand?

“Companies that market their employer brand more like an authentic Instagram influencer than a marketing agency will create a better connection.”

Which are the first three steps companies should take to ‘diversify’ their employer brand?

What is your company Pilot Inc. about and what do you do for your clients?


In love with Employer Branding

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In love with Employer Branding