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Sep 23, 2018 · 4 min read

To be honest with you, before attending the conference I thought that this will anyways just be one big sales pitch. But it wasn’t — this conference truly changed me and I got a bunch of learnings out of it, I would love to share with you. I think that Hiring Success Europe is probably the hottest conference for Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding in Germany — wohooo! And the Founder & CEO Jerome Ternynck of smartrecruiters one of the best dancing CEO’s I have ever seen — he was hitting the Berlin dancefloor like crazy. ;)

This Woman Changed my Mindset about Inclusion

Never would I have imagined that I would sit in the first row of a speech almost crying. But Shelley Winner’s story touched me so much. I assume everyone of us has done something which is unlawful, right? These little things every one of us does. But Shelley Winner did more. She was a drug addict and started dealing with prescription medicine, heroin, crystal-meth at a young age. With eleven she was the first time drunk and smoked with thirteen her first joint. Up to the age of 36, she was fully addicted and got caught with drugs and jailed for four years in prison. Shortly before she found out that she is pregnant. Now, Shelley Winner turned her life around completely is a loving mother, a successful Saleswomen at a big tech company and an inspirational speaker fighting hard for inclusion of people with a criminal record. She opened my eyes, people with a criminal past were just never on my agenda. It’s not only about integrating people but giving them a truly second chance because they can be great and add skills, enthusiasm, diversity, and a true will to win to the company — simply as Shelley Winner does. I will definitely take more care of inclusion topics in the future. Find below Shelley Winner’s talk at the American version of Hiring Success earlier this year and soon an interview with her on this blog. :)

This Keynote Changed my Perception about Classical Recruiting KPIs

smartrecruiters Founder & CEO Jerome Ternynck kicked off the event with a one-hour keynote speech and was challenging classical Recruiting KPIs. Yes, recruiting is a people’s business but measuring your success is as crucial as in any other departments such as Marketing or Sales. What are we normally measuring: Cost-per-hire — how much does one hire costs? Time-to-hire, how long does it takes us to hire the right candidate and quality-of-hire, basically is the hired person a top or a flop. Jerome was challenging how we measure these KPIs. What does it say if we just measure the budget we spend or the time we needed, and quality-of-hire, how is this normally measured — pretty tough to evaluate, right? But what if we see this three core KPIs as a triangle in relation to each other and what if we challenge how we actually have a look at the KPIs.


Instead of just measuring how much budget we spend on a certain hire — let’s say 3000 Euro for a Business Development Manager and 7000 for a PHP Developer, they advised to put it into relations to the new hire payroll: Total Recruiting Costs % of new hire payroll and define certain levels what percentages are actually cheap, balanced, and expensive.


I guess the majority of us is measuring how long we needed to find a candidate for a certain position, maybe even for tech and non-tech candidates, but that’s probably it. We set us certain goals what’s a good time-to-hire but nothing more. The keynote suggested instead of simply measuring how long you actually need for a hire, we should have a look at the percentage of successful hires in pre-defined times: % of positions that are filled on time.


Measuring the quality-of-hire is a tough one in my opinion. How are you doing it? Somehow looking at the performance of the new hire and then evaluating it? Would be really interesting to compare, please feel free to share. In the keynote, it was suggested to us a NPS score which you probably know from measuring customer loyalty or employee engagement. They called it Net Hiring Score: Asking the candidate and manager after 90 with a range from 0–10 if the job/candidate is a great fit or unfortunately poor fit.

Sound like a really good hands-on approach, data-driven and easy to implement — I love it!

This Startup is Truly Helpful for New Berliners

City registrations for new employees can be a real struggle. Getting all the paperwork done especially while starting a new job is simply an additional burden. The startup AIRelo presented his solution — a simple chatbot, working in Facebook Messenger collects all the data which it needs to prepare a readily made pdf-file for registering at the authorities, in Berlin, Munich, New York. Easy and in a fun way with a chatbot. Additionally, AiRelo recommends partners such as banks and insurances to people moving to the city. Besides all the chatbots we know for pre-screening candidates or informing candidates about the company in a fun dialogue, this is a chatbot which is truly helpful to cut down one additional burden when reallocating to a new city.

Thank you Hiring Success Europe for a truly impactful conference!

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