I have a talentcrush on Shelley Winner: ‘Companies need the best employees, not just the best employees without a criminal record’

Marian Jarzak
Dec 16, 2018 · 6 min read

How come you got addicted to drugs?

In what moment did you realize “Ok, now I change my life”?

“I thought to myself, “What have I done?” “I just ruined my life”.”

What drives you to not slide back into old habits or drug addiction?

Shelley Winner earlier this year at Hiring Success

What hurts more? Companies rejecting people with a criminal record or the reaction of people when you unveil your past?

In your opinion, what are the right programs for people with a criminal past getting back on the right road?

Why does inclusion of people with a criminal record matter in the business world?

“How can we expect from people with a criminal record to reintegrate into society successfully if we slam every door in their face when it comes to getting employment?”

“Companies need the best employees, not just the best employees without a criminal record.”

Why did you found ‘Winner’s Circle’ and what do you want to achieve with it?

“My goal for Winner’s Circle is to reduce recidivism, change lives and bring hope”

What would be your advice to companies which want to be more open towards employees with a criminal record?

How can companies benefit from hiring people with a criminal record?

“I am one of the top performers at my company and everyday I come to work with enthusiasm and gratitude because of the second chance that I was given.”

Do you think to be inclusive and diverse matters for a companies employer brand? Why?

“It shows that they are not willing to judge people based on their past and that they are forward thinking or have a growth mindset.”


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