I have a talentcrush on Ellen Maier: ‘Part-time working mums will have a positive effect on the employer image’

Marian Jarzak
Mar 1 · 4 min read

Why do you think it is difficult to find employment as a mother in Germany?

What needs to change in the mindset of companies so that it is becoming easier for working mums?

“Every company should be aware that the natural integration of mothers in part-time work will have a significant positive effect on the employer image”

What are three steps — in your opinion — to become more employment-friendly for working people with children?

How did you discover your passion for employer branding?

As a professional coach — what is a trait every employer branding manager needs to possess to be successful?

You worked more in traditional companies — how do you raise awareness for the importance of employer branding in more ‘conservative’ settings?


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