I have a talentcrush on Dr. Chiara Valentini: “Mapping, prioritizing and engaging stakeholders is essential to leverage effective employer branding”

Marian Jarzak
Mar 11 · 6 min read

What was your dream job as a child — did you ever imagine becoming a professor in one of the best educational systems in the world?

How come stakeholder management is one of your research fields?

Why is strategic stakeholder management important?

“Only if organizations are capable to create opportunities for establishing, nourishing and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders, they can be successful.”

When it comes to employer branding — what are important stakeholders?

Often companies just jot important stakeholders down without further investigating them — when it comes to important stakeholders for employer branding, what are the more sophisticated state of the art approaches?

“We see great attention to digital influencers and their important role as positive or negative word-of-mouth actors.”

“Employees’ participation in constructing, developing and implementing organizational values is rather important”

What would be a good start when you need to map & assess business crucial stakeholders.

Some use the word ‘stakeholder’, some the word ‘publics’, some talk about ‘arenas’ — it can become confusing — is it, in the end, all the same just with a different label?

What are the current trends in stakeholder management from a research perspective?


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