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I have a Talentcrush on Johnny Quach: “Employer Branding, Just Like Company Branding, Works Only if it’s Omnipresent.”

Johnny Quach’s passion is to help air passengers who experience delayed or canceled flights. That’s why he is Chief Product Officer at AirHelp and made it the fastest developing company in travel-tech. Prior to AirHelp, Johnny was Director of Product at Rocket Internet and launched within only six months three companies across eight countries from scratch. Wow!

When designing a new product — what are in your opinion the three most important steps?

What’s the reason for building it? It’s important to define the key reason why you would build a product or a feature. Without that, you’ll endlessly be guessing what should go on the roadmap next. The most common problem I see when it comes to product management is the lack of clarity an organization faces when confronted with hard product decisions.

How do you define “winning”? After you define a strong case for building something you need to define what success looks like. If you don’t do this you will never create clarify for the organization that you’re going in the right direction.

Can a stripped down version be as valuable for the end user? Delivering value doesn’t have to be expensive. The perfect example is Craigslist.org. The site is ugly, not user-friendly, hasn’t had an update in ages, yet it’s extremely powerful and delivers it’s value clearly to users. Always consider carefully what the real reason someone would use your product.

Does a good employer brand matters for you when joining a company?

Assuming your employer branding clearly defines your culture. For great candidates 100% matters. For bad candidates doesn’t matter.

“Employer branding is the only way a candidate has any idea what it’s like working in your organization.”

Imagine you’ve never heard of Google and they have zero employer branding. When you apply for a position you might imagine that Google place run by stiff engineerings. But the reality is Google is a place that is extremely colorful and hires many people from different backgrounds. Something you would miss if you only visited Google.com

What can employer branding learn from product management?

The way I build products is the same way I decide how to buy a car, how to cook a piece of steak, and pretty much all major decisions in my life. To further exemplify the point, how you decide to build a product should be the same method you make any major business decisions. 1. Clarify the problem 2. Define the goal (winning) 3. Reduce the amount of details and perfect the remaining details 4. Iterate. And almost all product management methodologies are based on some form of the Scientific Method.

Johnny Quach at TedxMauerPark in July 2018

When you are supposed to build an employer brand from scratch how would you go about it?

Most company decisions should be based on their current strategy. The timing for employer branding should align to when you want to ramp up your hiring hardcore.

“Employer branding, just like company branding, works only if it’s omnipresent.”

Results, like most things related to branding, are difficult to measure in the short term so it requires quite a bit of investment upfront.

Do you wanna know why Employer Branding is as important as Product Management? Read the story here.

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