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The Great Evolution of The Marketplace

Market Networks, Unbundling, and User-Owned Networks

  1. Unbundling: the process of breaking down large, monolithic platforms into smaller, more specialized ones.
  2. Market networks: systems that combine the main elements of both networks and marketplaces; identity/reputation and multi-party transactions.
  3. Crypto-economic user-owned networks: networks that are owned and governed by their users.

Unbundling: The Niche-ing of Marketplaces

Market Networks: Reputation + Connectivity

Crypto-Economic User-Owned Networks

When Three Trends Collide

User-Owned Market Networks Grow Faster

Crypto Incentives Counter The Cold Start Problem

Open Protocols Separate The Platform From The Network

Open Protocols Empower Unbundling

The Inevitable Evolution of The Marketplace



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