An excerpt from the diary of Sir Montgomery Breckenridge

(You are stranded on a deserted island all by yourself for years, when you get rescued. You express your surprise that people are still looking for you after all this time, when one of the rescuers says that you’ve only been gone for three days).

Ms Lucienne Breckenridge, granddaughter of late Sir Montgomery Breckenridge has kindly consented to share the following excerpt from his diary, a curious and strange tale which only exemplifies his extraordinary and eccentric nature.

Dear diary,

What I am going to write below is the absolute truth and nothing else. It’s upto you to decide whether to believe them or pass them off as the ramblings of an old man. Written below is also the answer to the question the entire world has been asking for the better part of this century,the beginning of the story of how I went on to become one of the richest and most successful people on this planet

On February the 1st 2017,I was going to the to London from Kuala Lumpur.
I was shifting uneasily in my seat while starting outside at the vast darkness that enveloped the early hours of dawn. Then came a deafening boom. The wings of the airplane were ripped away,just like you would tear a piece of paper. With that, the plane (Malaysian Airlines) started it’s descent, or to be more accurate, free fall. The plane crashed into the water even before our drowsy minds could synthesise what had happened,and the world around me turned dark, just like the sky…

I found myself on the shores of an island, the sun shining brightly overhead. I waked along the shore,hoping to find a survivor, or in the very least ,an inhabitant. But on finding no one,I proceeded to go inland .The island seemed abundant in berries, fruit trees and fresh water, my mind relieved that I won’t have to eat all the weird shit that Bear Grylls does. The only inhabitants of the island seemed to be these weird looking birds. That’s it,nothing else.

It didn’t take me long to adjust to the humid climate, andI found myself a nice warm cave to live in. The shoreline was abundant in shells,which came in all sorts of colours and patterns, so I started stacking upon them. One white shell per day, ten white shells get replaced with one blue shell. Ten blue shells get replaced with one red shell, and so on.

Now,back to those weird looking birds. I was certain I had seen them before, where I couldn’t remember, And then,that pic from my grade 8 Science book came back to me. They were DODOS!

I spent my time studying the dodos. Their lifestyle,eating habits, how they slept, behaviours ,mating season, eggs. Everything. And thus time passed on,albeit a little slowly. I now had around sixty three green shells in my cave.

This day was unlike no other. I was nursing this little bird ,which had a deep red scar on its belly. Just then, I saw a black speck on the horizon.I rubbed my eyes and looked again.It was there all right. With no time to spare, I placed the dodo in a little nest I had made for it and set out to gather enough wood and dry leaves to light a fire. My prayers were answered, the black spot now seemed to be drawing closer, and I could make out its features more clearly

Within a few hours, the ship anchored and out came the captain. He said they were searching for a Malaysian Airlines that had crashed somewhere in these parts. I had to couldn’t control myself from giggling,this airline seemed to be really unlucky. It took me a couple of minutes before I told him how I myself was on a flight going to London from Kuala Lumpur, which had crashed twelve years ago. This was when the Captain frowned, and had an animated,but hushed conversation with his crew.Something seemed off.Then the Captain turned to me , took out his iPhone and showed me a picture of myself, and said that this flight had crashed only 3 days ago and that they had yet to find the wreckage of the plane.

I was shell shocked.Surely they were playing a joke of some kind? How was it even possible?

“ It is still 2017?”
“Yes,it is 2017.”

I asked him to wait for a few minutes while I ran back to my cave ,surely those shells that I had collected over so many of these that I had collected over the years won’t lie? What I saw when I reached the cave hit me like a truck, all the shells which I had accumulated were gone. Disappeared into thin air.The dodo was gone too. But the nest was still there. And there was something else in the nest. Three golden eggs.

The eggs were heavy,but concealing them in a straw bag was not difficult. The wreckage of the plane never showed up, nor could they find the island again.I had my share of fifteen minutes of fame. It was tough to be discreet about it, but I managed to sell off much of the gold, and amass a sizeable fortune. That served as the capital for the first Breckenridge hotel . That was thirty years ago. Now, in every major city of the world, you will find a hotel with the dodo insignia on it.

I hear footsteps in the corridor, must be Lucienne, always worrying about my health. Maybe I will write more about my stay on the island later, but for now good night!

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