Guardian Animals

Every country has a guardian animal, disguised to many as the national animal. Be it the tiger of India, or the kangaroo from Australia, it’s them who ensure that no evil befalls their country. Each guardian is, in a way, an embodiment of the country they protect. Take the Ra-merica, for instance. The king of bald eagles. Dressed in red, blue and white, outlined with gold shining as bright as sunlight itself. It wears a breastplate with a huge star. A sign of its pride. While the golden snake around the neck signifies its immortality, and contempt for enemies. It’s primary weapon is a firecracker, a beacon of hope, driver away of darkness.

These guardians do not have direct control over the future of their country. They cannot stop a natural calamity from happening, nor can they stop crime. You must have heard of the phrase “the calm before the storm”. That’s one of the many subtle ways they try and warn us. That creepy feeling that you get when you are being followed or being watched? It’s their way of letting you know that something is amiss, a warning. And that’s why you should always go with your intuition. The so called sixth sense.

Many a time you might have seen in the movies or read in the newspaper that all criminals, however perfectly they plan ; They always tend to make a mistake. You should thank your guardian animal for that too.

A guardian cannot make good times last forever. But dark times will always have to make way for new and better beginnings. They ensure that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Oh, and I never told you where do these guardians live, did I?

They are right there, inside you, and inside everyone else.

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