Superheroes and super-villains have kids too

( A superhero and a super-villain are forced to put their fight on hold; they’ve been called by the principal of the school their children attend).

Jack managed to avoid the fireball by a hair’s breadth. But it struck the pole behind which fell upon him. He threw the pole away and charged at Thomas, mace in hand. The impact of his strike broke the shield into two. Thomas,uninjured,though badly shaken took the two pieces of the broken shield and banged them on either side of Jack’s head. Another fireball sent Jack flying through the air, crashing right into the car. He picked up the car and flung it at Thomas. This time,he didn’t miss.Thomas had barely crawled out of the wreckage that he found Jack upon him again.

But both their phones rang simultaneously. A pregnant silence ensued while both of them stared at each other, amused by the choice of their ringtones. ”Imagine” by John Lennon and “Violence I Crave” by Impaled Nazarene. The answered the calls, and again stared at each other for a moment. And then both attempted to speak together, neither comprehending what the other had just said. A few seconds of silence, but this time, Jack let Thomas do the talking, “ Sorry mate, but my kiddo is apparently causing some trouble at school,gotta go”. And with that Thomas flew away. Jack stood there wondering how extraordinary it was that he had got the same call.

They met each other again in the parlour outside the principal’s office. They glared at each other for well over a minute, Thomas blinked. Jack sighed and looked in other direction.

When the peon asked them to go inside, both tried to get inside first. Neither being able to do so. Jack went inside first to meet the angry stare of the principal upon him. He felt a little thankful eyes couldn’t kill, the number of glares he received everyday was way too high.

“ I am sorry to say this Mr.Smith and Mr.Trott , but your kids have been a source of extreme nuisance to the school,why only today they burst a stink bomb in the science lab,rendering it unusable for the rest of the week…”

The principal had the same expressionless face.

Both the parents present were smiling smugly.

“Hey son, did you build those stink bombs on your own, or bought them from a shop?”

“We made them on our own,a little bit of ammonium sulphide from the lab was all we needed”.

Now both the parents were smiling, the principal shocked.


“Look sir,maybe you should be more careful with what chemicals you let your students have access to. At Least they are learning something .Of course, we will tell our children apply their knowledge in a more productive manner. Have a good day”

And with that the parents left the office with their kids.

The kids marvelling on how cool their dads were.

Both Jack and Thomas feeling good that it was the first time that they stood on the same side in an issue. Though one of them was slightly peeved that his son was playing pranks on others instead of helping them.

The principal just sat in his chair, questioning his existence.

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