Diary of a Gen X Mom: MADS

Mothers Against Daylight Savings

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Growing up, I loved Daylight Savings Time. A natural night owl, I dreaded Spring Forward, but like every self respecting kid, loved the late daylight.

As a parent, daylight savings time stinks.

It’s the flips — spring forward and fall back. Families run on routine. The measly one hour flip has just enough shift to be a nuisance. When kids are infants and toddlers, the time change messes with feeding and bedtime schedules. You can’t just push your 14 month old’s meal back an hour. Well, you can, but you’ll pay for it by having to soothe an unnecessarily cranky baby. Invariably, I would have just gotten the baby on a good schedule when the time change hit.

Now that my kids are older, the hour messes with me. For instance when I’m caught short writing and still at the computer at dinner time because my internal clock was off by an hour. (Whoops.) Wake up times are off. Bedtimes are off.

The nuisance only lasts for a few days, but since daylight savings was supposedly created for a pre-electricity agricultural society that dwells in history, can’t we just skip the nuisance?

Or as our associate rector quipped this morning: