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Writing Contest~

Submit your story to Tales from The Asylum. We prefer those stories that live on the edge. Transgressive, Quirky, Scary, Erotic, Funny. And any combination thereof. But all genres accepted! No minimum or maximum length. Please ensure story is proofed and free of basic grammar problems. Other than that — there are no rules. In the Asylum, the patients run amok!

There’s USD$20 to be won each month.

You retain all rights to your work.

Any earnings you make from your story being read on Medium, are yours. Please join Medium’s partner program to qualify for those. That’s between you and Medium. The Asylum does not earn anything from your story. We’re just trying to create a place for indie authors to gain some exposure.

Submit your story via Medium(in order to earn directly from their partner program). We’ll need to add you as a writer for the publication first. Email with your Medium username to be added.

We’ll even license an appropriate image to accompany your story. (you can veto it and/or provide your own).

Each monthly winner needs to have a paypal account to receive their winnings. This is the only way to receive your winnings.

The Asylum reserves the right to decide which stories are featured at the top of the page, and in which order the other stories are listed.

Have fun! And remember to promote the Asylum in your social media networks. More readers means more exposure for you and your fellow writers.




Where genres mix and boundaries are broken down. Find humor in dark themes, or horror in light ones.

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Davi Mai

Davi Mai

Short story writer. Fantasy, sci-fi, transgressive. I lack a filter but try to make stuff fun.

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