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Dec 15, 2017 · 4 min read

I am writing this article to illustrate how easy it is to add support for any new masternode coin to my nodemaster script. This will work even with only limited Linux know-how and you will be able to to manage, setup and update masternode instances in no time.

If you didn’t try it already, check out the documentation or my recent article where i describe a #Znode installation.

So for this article, we assume you are excited about a new masternode coin you recently discovered. You know how convenient setups with nodemaster are, but for some reason your favourite cryptocurrency is not yet supported.

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an excerpt of the supported cryptocurrencies

Can you please add that coin for me?

While it’s perfectly fine to wait until i add a coin, i usually spend most of my time trolling around on twitter and it can take quite a while until i find the time to do so.

The good news is: You can easily add support yourself, without even asking me. The following step-by-step instructions will enable you to do so in a couple of minutes.

I will guide you through these steps by adding support for $SMART, just as i would do myself.

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Adding a new cryptocurrency is a piece of cake. Here: SmartCash

1. Create a VPS

Since the masternodes will be deployed on a VPS, it’s best to do these steps also on a VPS. This will save you some headache and you can do some real world testing at the same time.

A step by step tutorial howto create a masternode-suitable vps with nodemaster is available here:

2. Clone the nodemaster git repo

SSH to your VPS and clone the Github repository:

git clone && cd vps

3. Adapt the template for new coins

Copy the the folder “new_coin_template” to a new folder with the name of your desired crypto. The following screenshot shows three files within that folder. This is what you have to edit later on to enable a new cryptocurrency.

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new coin template folder structure

Since we want to support SmartCash, i copy this folder to a new folder called “smart”:

cp -r new_coin_template smart
cd smart

Now the real work begins.

Compile template

This is where the compile instructions go in. These are usually located in the “doc” directory of the sources. For SmartCash, the github repo has all info we need to build from the sources.

Filename: coin.compile

Environment template

This is where the crucial stuff about a coin go into. Again, this is usually easily available in the respective github repository. The content should be obvious, the default version to be built can be identified by looking at the available git tags. If unsure, ask the developers or start with the “master” branch.

Filename: coin.env

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Finding the right git tag can sometimes be tricky

Configuration template (optional)

Sometimes a coin requires very specific settings, or you simply want to add some seed-nodes to the masternode configuration file. This is where the purely optional configuration templates come into play. Don’t overwrite the placeholder variables starting and ending with “XXX”.

Filename: coin.conf

Almost there!

4. Copy the template to the right place

In the last step, you rename all files to reflect the codename of the installation. This is something i will improve soon, but for now it’s still mandatory:

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the final folder

Finally, move the “smart” folder to it’s final destination, where all the other configuration files are located.

mv smart config/

And that’s about it!

5. Testing your new configuration

Now, that everything is prepared it’s time to do a test run. This works just as with coins i added myself.

To install & configure a $SMART node, all it takes is the following command:

./ -p smart

The script will figure out the rest itself ;-)

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The final result — a fully automated SmartCash node installation

For extra community points & karma, you can zip that coin folder (here “smart”) and send it to me for inclusion into the script. The next SmartCash fan will surely be grateful.

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Thanks for reading that far & have a lot of fun!

If this script helped you in any way, please contribute some feedback. BTC donations also welcome and never forget:

Have fun, this is crypto after all!

BTC  33ENWZ9RCYBG7nv6ac8KxBUSuQX64Hx3x3

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