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yours truly, circa 1994

On Technical Entitlement

You know that kid who’s been coding for, well, forever?

Tess Rinearson
Jul 3, 2013 · 5 min read
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Photo by ARGmonkey

I always feel like I’m behind, trying to catch up to a group of super-elites who’ve been programming since they could walk.

Now imagine someone starting out as a college student taking their first CS course. Imagine how the technical elite make them feel.

“There is,” she said, “an under-confidence problem.”

Sound familiar? Yep, it’s exactly the kind of self-doubt that can arise when there are so many technically entitled people around.

Technical entitlement is all relative.

Odds are, if you’re in CS, someone sees you as being technically entitled. I’ve realized I have to keep this in mind. This is worth keeping in mind for everyone in tech.

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