T-55 in the Tropics

This series of articles about combat in the T-55 main battle tank with the Sri Lanka Army, takes place as a conversation between the author and a retired officer of the Armored Corps who prefers to remain unidentified. The narrator’s recollections are part of an oral history project aimed at preserving the memories of the combatants without regard to political considerations.

Some history of the type

The Soviet T-54 & 55 family has the distinction of being the most produced main battle tank (MBT) in history. Designed after the Second World War (WW2) by…




A compilation of oral histories from the combatants on both sides of Sri Lanka’s long running conflict. We aim to be impartial and record the memories of those who were involved, with no political judgements offered.

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Suren Ratwatte

Suren Ratwatte

I love airplanes. As an airline captain I flew many including the A380 and Boeing 777. But wish I’d had the opportunity to fly some of these old propliners.

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