The Batle of the Somme — Part 2

Sometime in late 1914 the four boys from Trinity College embarked on a ship to Britain. We do not know how supportive the families of Albert Halangode, Frank Drieberg, Ajit ‘Jick’ Rudra and Richard Aluwihare were of their intention to fight for King and Country. But they must not have totally opposed it as the four were soon a ship bound for Marseille, France, though possibly on the pretence that they were going to university. Much of what we do know about their adventures are taken from the book Major-General A.A. Rudra[i], Uncle Jick’s biography, authored General Palit an Indian military historian…



A compilation of oral histories from the combatants on both sides of Sri Lanka’s long running conflict. We aim to be impartial and record the memories of those who were involved, with no political judgements offered.

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Suren Ratwatte

I love airplanes and history. Trying to combine both interests in this blog, with stories of the old aircraft and the recollections of those who flew them.