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Good morning!

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Pull up a chair. Join me for coffee. Or…water with vinegar… yes, you, you know who you are.

I discovered, this morning, that I have three whole subscribers to this “publication,” and I am tickled pink!

I have also discovered, as of this morning, that I can send you “letters.” Muahahaha… you’ve let me into your inbox, now — I’ll try not to make you regret that. (Two of you, at least, know me well enough to have known what you were getting into, so I won’t bother apologizing. Let’s see if the third sticks around, or runs for the hills.)

Oh, this is fun. Thank you for subscribing.

I’m not sure if “subscribing” does anything for your morning read if I update and add to the genre-based “Stories” I’ve posted here to help organize Stories that I’ve written and that have been, some of them, published in other publications. This particular publication is more of a handy reference until Medium fixes the comments-as-stories problem and allows us to better organize our own Profile “portfolios” by tags.

But just for you three, I may have to publish things here, more often! I’ll admit, I’m still figuring out how to set up a publication in the first place, so the fact that you’ve found this and subscribed to it just makes my day. I hope yours is off to a great start, too.

Warmest regards,





A mix of Stories that don’t always fit neatly into their niche.

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