1: The Boy With The Fork In His Nose

Albert Sadler 1920–1983

Albert Sadler RN Photo by Anne Saddler

The boy with the silver fork embedded in his nose made no sound. At first, he hadn’t realised his nose had been speared. It was the horrified expression on the face of little Albert, his youngest brother, the look of shock, his unblinking stare, his frightened eyes, that…



Tales From Walmgate is a biographical fiction project, in progress. The novel spans 100 years, starting in the mid Victorian era. The stories in Tales From Walmgate are centred around glassblower Richard Saddler, his family, and their ancestors, who lived in the City Of York, Uk.

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Grey Hen With A Pen

Grey Hen With A Pen


Patricia Minson aka Anne Saddler writes in a variety of genres. She’s also a podcaster, Youtuber, and citizen journalist.