9: The Runaway Fiancé

Maria Flannigan born 1852 (continued)

While she waited patiently for Frank Mercer to marry her, Maria Flannigan lodged in a boarding house in Church Lane. The small cottage sat at the back-end of St Denys’s Church. Maria shared a windowless rear room with her dear friend Rosie O’Connor.



Tales From Walmgate is a biographical fiction project, in progress. The novel spans 100 years, starting in the mid Victorian era. The stories in Tales From Walmgate are centred around glassblower Richard Saddler, his family, and their ancestors, who lived in the City Of York, Uk.

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Grey Hen With A Pen

Patricia Minson aka Anne Saddler writes in a variety of genres. She’s also a podcaster, Youtuber, and citizen journalist.