The Slap

I can see the moment in my mind’s eye

Wedding of Albert Sadler with Hilda Smith Photo by Anne Saddler

“If you have a skeleton in your closet, take it out and dance with it.” Carolyn MacKenzie

When I was three and bit years old, I saw my father slap my mother across her face.

She cried.




Tales From Walmgate is a biographical fiction project, in progress. The novel spans 100 years, starting in the mid Victorian era. The stories in Tales From Walmgate are centred around glassblower Richard Saddler, his family, and their ancestors, who lived in the City Of York, Uk.

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Grey Hen With A Pen

Grey Hen With A Pen

Anne Saddler lives in Cornwall, UK. She’s a prolific writer in a variety of genres. She’s also a writing coach, podcaster, Youtuber, and citizen journalist.

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