The 5th of July

Ben Franklin packs his bags


Image generated by DALL-E 2 by the Author with the prompt, “Benjamin Franklin in a fur hat. Noir detective novel cover art. Digital art. Bright colors.”

Tomorrow’s the 4th of July. I called Benjamin Franklin on my Subspace Time Link Inverter to see what he was doing .
“Not much, John, how are you?”
“I’m a little depressed myself these days.”
“The experiment isn’t going well?”
“Yeah, you guys were right. Democracies do have a time limit, and I’m worried.”
“Should I come and help?”
“I’d appreciate it.”
“I’ll bring TJ along.”
“Jefferson, you idiot! He has his own wall he wants to repair.”
“Wow, that sounds cool. When will you get here?”
“The day after tomorrow.”


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