The Star’s Vacation

Everyone needs a break

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

One time a star decided to go on holiday. The only problem was all the planets and comets and asteroids — and even the solar wind! — wouldn’t cough up a dime for a plane ticket to Tahiti! Cheap Skates.

So that’s why I say, “If the shine fits, then cook it!”

You, of course, realize that my little quote means absolutely nothing. That was the…




The Ultimate Collected Work! by John Levin: Short Fiction, Sci-Fi, Poems, Essays, Comedy, Meditation … Everything except Politics, which I publish elsewhere.

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John Levin

John Levin

Scientist. Writer. Meditator. Blue Tantrika. Mystical Rabbi. Climate & Human Rights Activist. I’m a man of few words, except when I open my mouth.

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