The Lie

Hitler it was who said, in essence, that the larger the lie, the easier it is to sell.

The Pillars

For instance, I believed that the West was far more egalitarian and afforded more opportunities for everyone, that upward and cross-ward mobility was available to anyone who was willing to put effort into it.

The Hollowing

More Equal than You

First came the Great Financial Crisis of 2008–2009. While I can see the argument in favor of saving the global economy by bailing out too big to fail banks and financial institutions, I cannot ignore the conclusion — some are more equal than others.

Less Welcome than Me

The petty viciousness of the Trump administration and nativist movements across Europe showed the rot in the second pillar.

As Credulous as All

For decades, public education and liberal arts studies promised a citizenry guided by science, by facts, capable of thinking for oneself.

No Clothes

There is a saying in Hindi — we are all naked in the bathhouse.



Stories from the rest of us. India focused. India built.

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