Coldplay just dropped their Music Video ft. Slum India

…. and Beyonce.

…..and Sonam Kapoor Cameo

… and it does not feature a developing India.

People are Mad
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Watch a Bey Rani Movie[/caption]
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They celebrate Holi with the Slum Kids[/caption]
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Features Indian Actress Sonam Kapoor[/caption]
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Features Fire Breathers too[/caption]
See the entire lyrics here
The Video is under fire for representing a stereotypical representation of India and cultural appropriation.
It has gone for a Twitter debate and outrage.
Frankly, the Video looks beautiful!
It may not be the slides from Incredible India ad, but the scenes in the video are not just graphics it's the reality in India. I don't understand why anyone would protest with reality on video. and just for the clarity of things, Beyonce is no Rani. Sonam Kapoor would have made an excellent one, had she not been rushed in 10 seconds.
You Go #Coldplay