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Bitcurate — Crypto Market Intelligence Platform for Better Investing

If there is one thing the industry needs, its a better way to separate the signal from the noise. @bitcurate Founder and CEO Victor Lee thinks thats possible with machine learning curated intelligence.

Tell us about Bitcurate-what is the product?

Bitcurate is a data intelligence platform for crypto investors. We help crypto investors make better decisions with real time insights through machine learning and predictive analytics.

What is the problem you are solving and who are the customers?

Cryptocurrency industry is an emerging technology globally. Yet it is inefficient and fragmented, full of frauds and tools are insufficient. From our customer interview, 75% of respondent are worried of “pump and dump” scheme. Feedback from an early adopter, Geoffrey, “I just wish that there’s more transparency in the market!”

Our target market is B2B enterprise customer ranging from crypto asset management, financial analyst, venture capital firms, crypto quant traders and advance crypto investors.

What is a real world news event or example you would reference to show the importance of this project and its impact?

A references to why we need cryptocurrency transparency and exchanges transparency

Lets talk tech. What stands out as impressive with what you are doing?

We have build a proprietary machine learning model for NLP sentiment score analysis and currently building a predictive analytics through data science and machine learning. Our current Bitcurate cryptocurrency NLP sentiment corpus is 89% accuracy!

Please tell me about your team and their experience.

Our team comprise of professionals in the technology and finance industry. With a combined of more than 20 years of expertise, we are able to develop and understand what the customer needs. Our team comprises of season professionals ranging from finance, corporate, machine learning, data science and blockchain technologies, ie. Standard Chartered Bank, Omnicom, Citibank, Facebook, Zhongan and Loopring.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our main differentiators are our approach to solve the customer’s problem, value proposition and early mover advantage. We focus on providing value through data analytics with machine learning and data science instead of trading algorithms. Bitcurate crypto intelligence platform analyzed millions of datapoints daily from crypto exchanges, trading data, tech repository, social media, news trend and node information giving investors an unfair advantage, today. We have collected more than 400m datapoints to-date and able to provide actionable insights based on these data.

According to one of our customer, Chong Shi, “I like the simplicity, sounds like something I need!”. As we are solving the real need of customers through our solutions, we have a pre-signup of 2800 customers during beta launch and we are continuing to engage with the community daily!

How did the idea come about? How did the team come together?

Victor, CEO, have this problem of understanding cryptocurrency projects in-depths with unbiased and real time information. He was involved in the cryptocurrency hype in the end of 2017 and resulting in a deep understanding on how problematic the industry evolved to.

With many shady characters, crypto whales and exchanges, market making and manipulating the prices and liquidity of cryptocurrency and lacking of easy to use tool for data driven decision making, he decided to solve the need of his own.

The core team are inspired by the mission of Bitcurate to provide a real time, transparent and unbiased data intelligence platform to help bring clarity to the industry. Each and everyone of the core team understood objectively that, to help the industry to grow and evolve, it is undeniable that such data analytics solutions are required.

What is coming up next for the project that you are excited about?

Bitcurate have beta launched in Oct 2018 and are extremely focused on solving the customer’s need. The team understands that great products requires consistent iteration and improvements based on customer’s feedback.

The engineering team are focused on improving the core product; ensuring we are able to deliver a compelling solution to the customer. For example, the data science team have recently upgraded the predictive model for sentiment accuracy up to 89.55%. This is by no means, a small feat, as we are able to consistently and accurately understand what the crypto community are saying.

Bitcurate will be launching predictive signals using machine learning and crypto advisory solution services in the next 3–6 months. This will further strengthen the value of providing actionable insights through data driven solutions to the customers.

Read why we do what we do here

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