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CryptoEasy: Trusted Blockchain Advisor

I first was introduced to CryptoEasy’s Head of Marketing, Gian Stäuble, when I received an email from him through the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. The University is a pioneer in the crypto space, and we both were part of it’s “Introduction to Digital Currency“ course. His email was about their project, and it’s mission to educate and advise new crypto investors. We reached out to the team to learn more about what they are building.

Tell us about CryptoEasy— what is the product?

It’s a SaaS application that takes the form of an AI digital assistant advising users along their Blockchain and Crypto-journey of how to invest and finding suitable investment opportunities.

What is the problem you are solving and who are the customers?

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies solve lots of issues and offer great opportunities for users thanks to their new properties. Nevertheless, they are not used apart from speculation because of the lack a user-friendly manageable solution for non-technical people. That’s what we intend to offer with CryptoEasy.

What is a real world news event or example you would reference to show the importance of this project and its impact?

Hundreds of millions have been lost in Cryptocurrency scams and Ponzi schemes. The majority of this was due to misinformation and abusive investment schemes. In addition, digital or regulatory best practices to protect digital practices are hardly applied even if they are easy to implement. We directly address those issues by providing a rating as well as a Dashboard to manage all those assets.

Lets talk tech. What stands out as impressive with what you are doing?

Applying portfolio finance algorithms with machine algorithms to the Blockchain technologies and services. The other challenge we are solving is how to condense all the Blockchain and Crypto-ecosystem in a clear and user-friendly interface.

Please tell us about your team and their experience.

To this date we have a core team of 5 people and another couple of active supports and advisory. The balance of technical and non-technical is pretty balanced. On the technical and development side we have a wise combination of junior but ambitious profiles and very experiences programmers and software architects (10 years +). On the business side we have startup founders, marketing and HR managers.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We started with a workable POC. The project is self-funded so far with guarantees of full involvement of the core team. To date we have 450+ subscribers and 5000 visits per month and expect an exponential number with the release of the BETA.

How did the idea come about? How did the team come together?

Mid 2017 my co-founder and I noticed that all the market became bullish whatever the quality of the project and zero-value ICO could raise millions. This situation let us to design a serious, quality and value-oriented advisory and rating solution to advise investors and users on quality and serious projects.

What is coming up next for the project that you are excited about? What should our readers know to look forward to next?

The next months we will consolidate the BETA and test new features that should add lots of value to users. We are also excited to leverage more and more the skills of our community as well as offer the services of our partner marketplace. Our vision is to become the decentralized browser of the internet of value.

What about BitcoinTalk — What role does it play in crypto and in your marketing strategy?

We want to be increasingly community-based and oriented so that BitTalk offers us a forum to be connected with the community. We want to become the transparent and trusted interface between the Blockchain ecosystem and the mainstream investors and users.

Read why we do what we do here

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