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Robonomics: P2P Technologies for Roboteers

Tell us about your project — what is Robonomics?

We are an open-sourced community named Airalab. Our flagship product is Robonomics Network, an Ethereum network infrastructure for cyber-physical systems’ integration into Smart Cities and Industry 4.0. This is how we call our project officially. Simply put, it’s a protocol designed to align the abilities of robots with the needs of people. It connects a variety of different machines to the market of robots’ liabilities existing on Ethereum.

What is the problem you are solving and who are the customers?

Our aim is to arrange the global collaboration of different cyber-physical systems in production, logistics and urban life. For this purpose, we created a platform that allows designers of new cities and industrial zones to build networks of distribution, control and provision of services carried out by robots and robotics factories. Built on p2p technologies, such networks will allow for the combination of technical and economic parameters of the transaction to the machine. Establishing such a peer-to-peer network can be carried out on the basis of the Ethereum infrastructure. By expanding the capabilities of the basic communication protocol, we can train machines to interact with market mechanisms and contractual obligations.

Robonomics is set to put in place a decentralized system that globally monitors the activities of cyber-physical systems. The full-scale appliance of CPSs will allow us to cope with the increasing complexity of supply chains, and deliver quality products to consumers. The bottom line is that the end user will gain direct access for ordering products from autonomous factories and services.

What is a real world news event or example you would reference to show the importance of this project and its impact?

Since raising the first funds in the midst of 2017, we have witnessed a variety of platform applications.

In 2017, the world’s first carbon unit transaction on blockchain took place on the DAO IPCI ecosystem. The system was built on the Robonomics platform. It allows users to allocate and manage environmental assets and liabilities through distributed ledgers stored on a blockchain. The pilot transaction was carried out with the tech support of Microsoft, which provided cloud solutions via Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service.

Within a project called “Drone on the Volga” we came up with a solution that allows not only to measure the quality of surface water, but also to create a decentralized market of data accessible to any interested party. A solar and battery-powered water drone is able to measure water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, water conductivity and a lot of other parameters. The project allows autonomous drones to communicate with one another and offer their services to customers.

Yet another Robonomics’ application is a global unmanned drone traffic management system which enables secure P2P communication between humans and autonomous drones. The project named Distributed Sky which is based on the platform, serves as a universal, integrated air traffic management system which deconflicts millions of drones flying at the same time.

Another noteworthy Robonomics’ capacity is protecting forests from fires. Drones equipped with thermal cameras and air quality sensors are able to detect fire hazards with human participation reduced to a minimum. The project has already been tested with success in the city of Tolyatti in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Lets talk tech. What stands out as impressive with what you are doing?

The most inspiring thing in our work is the ability to create a communication bridge between people and machines, making them equal actors in ordering and producing goods and services. Robonomics is a truly decentralized approach to the creation of Industry 4.0.

Those who want to look deeper at the technical side are always encouraged to do this on GitHub, as well as Robonomics’ and Airalab’s websites.

Tell us about your team and their experience.

As said above, we are the open source community. It consists of scientists and engineers who have been developing the Robonomics project since 2015.

The project’s leader Sergey Lonshakov is a blockchain developer, researcher and Robonomics platform architect. Since 2015 he has been researching and developing on frontier between blockchain and robotics. He is working on experiments around blockchain-based communication for multi-agent systems like a sensors networks in smart cities, autonomous mobile robotics and smart factories in the Industry 4.0.

Other members are specialists in machine learning, intellectual technologies in robotics and related areas. They are keen on decentralized technologies, blockchain, industrial automation and embedded software engineering.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Robonomics has no direct competitors as such. Amazon has a similar product for robots called AWS RoboMaker. It is a cloud solution for the development and operation, but the competition is not frontal. According to the developers of Amazon, this is possible if there is one control center, whereas Robonomics is based on decentralized solutions.

There are also some projects that develop networks for specific type of robots and cyber-physical systems. Robonomics can only compete with them in some specific markets, but in general, one of the advantages of Robonomics is its versatility and compatibility with various CPSs.

How did the idea come about? How did the team come together?

The team, the core of which initially consisted of 4–5 people, began to shape up before the blockchain technology gained traction. We were engaged in web development, back then. At the end of 2011, we became interested in mining and cryptocurrency. In 2013–2014, we started focusing on blockchain capabilities, which was going to be all the rage. It interested us as an opportunity to do something new. We got acquainted with the idea of ​​smart contracts and began to utilize them as a way of human communication with the machine. Since then Robonomics appeared; now the community which we somehow interact with includes about 50 people.

What is coming up next for the project that you are excited about? What should our readers know to look forward to next?

In the midst of 2018 Robonomics Network started running in Ethereum mainnet, so that any ETH holder can become its provider. We have significantly improved stability and passed the stages of alpha and beta testing of key components of the platform. Also we started work on documentation for developers and prepared tutorials. All components of the platform are open-source and available to view and download at GitHub.

In Q1-Q2 of 2019, we plan to begin the “cybernetics economy” stage of our operational roadmap. Finally, between the third quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020 Robonomics will enter “lights-out” stage. The network is expected to reach full automation.

What about BitcoinTalk — What role does it play in crypto and in your marketing strategy?

We consider BitcoinTalk as one of the possibilities to once again tell about ourselves. We understand that we can count on the attention of the “true” members of the crypto community who are interested in decentralized technologies.

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