Top Announcement Threads: Nov 30, 2018

These are the newest announcements that caught our eye this week

The world of BitcoinTalk announcements needs constant monitoring for gems. Great projects can get lost in the mix if they don’t grab attention fast, getting lost in the back pages after their initial posting. First page presence is necessary for views, and the common practice of bumping makes it hard for underfunded or inexperienced marketing teams to compete. You’ll frequently find projects that have announced over 1 year ago still appreading on the first page, which only acts to keep attention away from the new innovations coming out.

The purpose of this series is to bring attention to the newest and best of the bunch that is posted every week. We will only post 3 projects every week that has passed our evaluation processes. At the end of every article, we will include an “honorable mention”, a project that was posted outside of the week but deserves attention after falling off of the first page. Let us know who it should be next week!


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Arcadier was born out of a global need for organisations of all sizes and types to capitalize on the eCommerce opportunities and efficiencies offered through online marketplaces. In just three years, our marketplace software-as-a-service (SaaS) has cemented our position as a market leader. With over 7,000 marketplaces operating from over 170 countries on our platform, Arcadier has proven global demand for its solution. Many of our clients are long tail contributors, seeking their niche and sweet spot in the competitive eCommerce market.

B2B marketplaces are booming, and growing Arcadier’s enterprise customer segment is our strategic focus. We have three wins in 2018, the most recent was the appointment of technology marketplace partner by United Nations to help address the global health issue of non-communicable diseases, which has an estimated economic burden of US$47 trillion over the next decade.

Our existing solution will first be enhanced with blockchain-based inventory distribution and trust consolidation and portability systems as foundational solutions. Follow-on, additional platform enhancements will be deployed over the next five years, such as cryptocurrency payments, affiliate marketing and AI/ML driven capabilities. Our goal is to establish an intelligent and extended eCommerce ecosystem, connecting Arcadier’s ecosystem of marketplaces to the online market beyond Arcadier.



🔥🔥 [ANN][bd300] 🔥🔥

Sometimes a great project idea pops up that isn't about making money or radically changing the status quo. BD300 is that idea, with the singular vision of teaching people “ 300 years of Liechtenstein while learning all about Blockchain”

With the bd300 app everyone can easily register and start collecting. The goal is to fill up your album with 300 pictures that tell the story of Liechtenstein. Have fun learning more about the history Liechtenstein as well as the benefits of blockchain.

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🔥[ANN][ABET] ALTBET — Revolutionary mutual betting platform | MN+POS | ESPORT🔥

Mutual betting is widely adopted in gambling and applied to horse racing, greyhound racing and sports betting. Altbet is the first platform that combines this model with blockchain technology, what allows to benefit from the advantages of own cryptocurrency.

In the long-term perspective, Altbet aspires to become world’s leading online mutual betting platform.

We do believe that having the best product / best offer is the key. Our team is planning to offer perfect platform for mutual betting and gambling which will be fully transparent thanks to our custom provably fair system. Altbet platform is and will be one of the kind.

Altbet (ABET) is an open source cryptocurrency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees. It utilizes a custom Proof of Stake protocol for securing its network and uses an innovative variable seesaw reward mechanism that dynamically balances block reward size between masternodes and staking nodes.

The main goal of Altbet (ABET) is to achieve a decentralized sustainable cryptocurrency with near instant full-time private transactions. ABET is planned to be the only one cryptocurrency at our betting platform.



Honorable Mention


The idea of the THRILL project is to create a secure and reliable platform for both open and private market as well as financial interactions based on blockcahin and messenger. Thrill app combines the marketplace, interaction with financial resources and instant messenger. Creating a similar ecosystem with the community, THRILL will offer simple ways to purchase not only coins, but also all necessary services and goods for each ordinary user of the messenger. That will stimulate demand and fundamental value for cryptocurrency.



And that’s our list this week! Did we miss anyone? Did you want more information? Let us know! Who should be our Honorable Mention next week?

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