Don Kennedy
Aug 16 · 3 min read

I was one of 100,000+ people in the US waiting since last year, and finally, it’s here!

Then they added that “We’ll Pay Your Netflix and Spotify bill” for their users every month as long as you bill it to the card. We’ll talk about that in a bit.

Honestly, i’m not even complaining about how long it took. This is actually the third crypto-themed card I have signed up for in my life — but the first one that arrived.

That’s because many have tried this before, just to have Visa or Mastercard call them up and say “no way we’re going to allow this” claiming they were not fully aware the funding source would be cryptocurrency when they approved them.

Somehow, the folks behind the Crypto App pulled it off — so I have nothing but a round of applause for them.

This isn’t a credit card, and requires no credit check.

For those who want to get one now, your wait should only be a couple weeks — you can get one here, and follow instruction to deposit 50 of their MCO tokens, then instantly get paid back for it — so the card is free!

The biggest incentive however — up to 5% cash back on everything you spend… well… “crypto back” I guess.

They’re even paying your Netflix and Spotify bills, every month!

Pay with the card, get 100% of the bill refunded to you!

They went straight in to offering some pretty great incentives — to make sure as people receive the card, they’ll use it!

If you didn’t already know, the app does some cool things without the card too — like no fees when trading crypto!

They launched the ‘Vortex Trading Engine’ earlier this year, which allowed for trading with no fees, or any hidden markups. How? They’ve arranged special terms with exchanges “which allows us to pass on 100 percent of all savings to users.” We don’t know anything more specific than this, but we verified — no fees, and we don’t care how they do it.

When I hear someone is still using Coinbase I figure they just haven’t heard of this.

The reasons to be using the Crypto App keeps on growing, if you’re not on it yet, seriously you’re out of excuses — join now for free, then follow instructions to buy 50 tokens and immediately get a 50 token credit (which you can just sell.) and you will have unlocked the level that gives you everything important like the card.

If you don’t want the card, you don’t need to deposit anything, your free account can use the features (But why skip buying $100 in crypto for $50?! That’s just stupid)

Check it out here.


Talking crypto.

Don Kennedy

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Talking crypto.

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