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4 min readMay 14, 2024

Generative AI is the hottest tech topic today. The advancements are happening at an incredible pace with new models, agents, and implementations of generative AI being announced on a nearly daily basis.

If you are interested in, exploring, or working with generative AI, the Talk Gen AI summit on June 4th in San Francisco is for you.

We assembled an amazing lineup of speakers to learn from, share with, and meet — including folks from AWS, Google, Nvidia, Salesforce, eBay, AstraZeneca, Mayo Clinic, Everest Group, and more.

If you are interested in attending, below are some of the topics we look forward to exploring.

Understanding the landscape and latest trends in Generative AI

Given how rapidly generative AI is evolving and improving, it can be challenging to keep up on the latest landscape and trends.

Shirley Hung, a Partner at Everest Group, will give the keynote address, giving a lay of the land, and setting the stage for the further discussions at the summit.

Exploring Generative AI in the enterprise

Generative AI is at the top of mind of enterprise executives, as they figure out their AI strategy and how they can leverage Gen AI in developing new, or enhancing existing, products, services, and processes.

As enterprises explore and develop strategies around Gen AI, new concerns and challenges arise. We are still in the relatively early days.

Our panel will dive deeper into how enterprises are leveraging generative AI, as well as the risks and concerns they take into account.

The panel features Andrea Friio, a Principal Partner Solution Architect for Generative AI at AWS, Casey Phillips, a Senior Technical Product Manager for Generative AI at eBay, Mahak Sharma, Head of Platform Partnerships for Gemini at Google, and Vera Vetter, Director of AI Product Management for Generative AI at Salesforce.

Advancing healthcare and life sciences with Generative AI

Generative AI has the potential to be truly life changing — helping with drug discovery, analyzing patient data and symptoms, predicting health risks, developing personalized treatment plans, and more.

Our panel will discuss how generative AI is being used to advance healthcare and life sciences.

The panel features Dr Chieh-Ju Chao, the Assistant Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Daniel Young, the Senior Director of Data Science and AI at AstraZeneca, Ritu Mehrotra, the founder and CEO of United We Care, and Shahram Seyedin-Noor, the founder and General Partner of Civilization Ventures.

Unleashing creativity with Generative AI

Generative AI is not just about text-based, large language models, but image and video creation as well. Brett Hamilton, the Head of Business Development for Generative AI services at Nvidia will present “Unlocking Visual Creativity with Generative AI.”

Navigating the legal landscape

Generative AI can help increase personal productivity and improve business processes. However there are risks with data privacy, data rights, copyrights, and hallucinations.

Barath Chari, a Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, will discuss the legal implications of Generative AI.

Investing in the future

There have been record amounts of investment in Generative AI — in the model providers, tools and services, as well as platforms and applications leveraging Generative AI.

Our panel of investors will dive into the investment trends, what they are seeing, as well as what they are looking for in a potential investment.

The panel includes Divya Sudhakar, a Partner at Geodesic Capital, Jeremiah Owyang, a General Partner at Blitzscaling Ventures, Kristina Serafim, the founding General Partner at Untethered Ventures, and Ryan Floyd, the co-founder and Managing Director of Storm Ventures.

Register to attend

Talk Gen AI is June 4th in San Francisco.

Sign up to attend to ensure your seat, and the opportunity to meet with, share with, and learn from experts in the Generative AI space.

For more details and the agenda, visit https://www.talkgenai.org/

Arte Merritt is the founder of Reconify, an analytics and optimization platform for Generative AI. Previously, he led the Global Conversational AI partner program and Competency at AWS. He was the founder and CEO of the leading analytics platform for Conversational AI, leading the company to 20,000 customers, 90B messages processed, and multiple acquisition offers. He is a frequent author and speaker on Generative AI and Conversational AI. Arte is an MIT alum.



Arte Merritt

Conversational AI & Generative AI Entrepreneur; Founder of Reconify; Former Conversational AI partnerships at AWS; Former CEO/Co-founder Dashbot