Cool Things I Read This Week

Football, Parks, and Ultramarathons

LeBron catching up on the latest TBP articles

I wanted to start sharing some of the stuff I read/watched/otherwise consumed recently. So I’m going to try to post once a week with some of the things that I liked, or that made me think, or what have you. Some might be new, some not so much, but hopefully it’s all stuff you haven’t seen yet. I imagine most of it will be at least sport-adjacent, unless of course it isn’t.

Football ‘destroyed my life’: Ex-Giant declines Montana Hall of Fame

As far as I know, this is an unprecedented move by retired NFL player Corey Widmer, who declined his own induction into the Montana Football Hall of Fame this week. Like all of his ex-coworkers now experiencing the consequences of their past employment, Widmer’s story is tragic. “If someone could’ve explained all of this to me when I was 14, I would’ve given it all back in a heartbeat. I would’ve wished for something else.” Football obviously is terrible in all sorts of ways, and the more people, especially players, that come out and say so, the better.

The Masochist’s Marathon

This Esquire article on the Barkley Marathon is from last fall, but the 2018 iteration of the race took place this past weekend so I wanted to share it again. For the uninitiated, the Barkley Marathon is a 100-mile race through the Tennessee woods that needs to be completed in less than 60 hours. Many of the world’s best ultra-marathoners and mountain men make the pilgrimage here every year, but the Barkley sends all but a few home defeated. It’s a little long, but it’s quite the read.

Freedom, power and water: turning the community pool into a transgender safe space

Since their invention in the late 19th century, pools have long been a space where opposing social forces meet, and that holds true today. “A lot of us experience depression and anxiety, and that’s not because we’re trans, that’s because we want to feel safe and we’re not.” This video from Aeon examines a group of trans people reclaiming the pool as a space for themselves.

Green Play

I don’t know particularly how to describe this last one but it’s a really cool celebration of our public spaces and you should watch it.

See you next week!