Cool Things I Read, Vol. 2

Snow, more snow, and Irish sport.

For those of you that like articles whose word counts run into the five digits, Brian Phillips’s first collection of essays recently became available for pre-order. You can find Brian’s own words on the upcoming book here. If you’re unfamiliar, Brian did some incredible work at Grantland and then again at MTV News. He’s probably the best sport-adjacent essayist out there right now. So I’ve included one of my favorite works of his in this week’s CTIR. Below, you’ll also find below a short documentary, a poem (kind of?), and an article from a promising new site!

Out in the Great Unknown

For my money, this story of the 2013 Iditarod is the best thing Grantland ever published.

Beat the Clock

This personal narrative from n+1 captures some of the struggles of trying to make it as a female professional athlete. It’s both moving and a little shocking.

How Gaelic sports became a cultural binding force in Ireland’s most diverse town

This short documentary from Aeon and The Guardian tells the story of Ballyhaunis, a small town in rural Ireland. As economic recession has forced many natives to leave the small town for either one of Ireland’s cities or another country entirely, their places were taken by immigrants from around the world. Ballyhaunis, anchored by Ireland’s oldest mosque, has quickly become one of the most diverse communities in Ireland. This documentary details how, despite differing cultures, traditional Irish sport has acted as a unifying force.

The Snow Whisperers

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Off-field, but if this first article is predictive of what’s to come, I’m glad I did. Here, author Alexis James details exactly how the Olympics make sure there is going to be enough snow to host the Winter Games. There’s some pretty incredible photography as well. This is definitely a site to watch.

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