Why “The Peeramid” ?

You may have been wondering why the name of our publication is “Peeramid”. Well here is the answer!

Talking Circles lies its roots in the belief that everyone has something to learn from everyone in a give-and-take framework. Just like in a P(y)ramid, both Peers or sides –i.e. the mentor and the mentee — have to be symmetrical in order for the structure to stand in equilibrium and harmony. If one side in the mentoring relationship gives more than they think they can receive then the balance is disrupted.

Mentors should not expect anything from their mentees, but it is often overlooked how much they have to gain from teaching. Firstly, mentoring someone requires the teacher to develop leadership as well as exceptional communication skills. Moreover, the mentor’s career development benefits from expanding their network and making new connections.

Our co-founders Som and Dimple

Pyramids are also the symbols of personal development. Each brick is a lesson that we learned or a task we completed, which goes to build our set of skills and expertise. The top of the pyramid is the highest goal we have achieved, but the structure in itself always allows further growth. All one has to do is take a step back and build more extensive foundations in order to succeed at a more challenging task.

Finally, the triangular shape highlights how much work and efforts have to go into achieving one goal. It is necessary to keep learning from others and improve ourselves in order to get closer to succeeding.

The more effort is put into personal development, not only the higher but the bigger the Peeramid!

It is completely up to YOU to choose how hard you want to try and how much you really value your personal growth. The Peeramid will be here along the way to motivate you in the most difficult times and celebrate together all successes!

Talking circles is a peer mentoring software that supports companies in the quest of growing and retaining their talent thanks to knowledge sharing. We highly value personal and professional development in the workspace and want to solve the issue of disengaged employees by challenging the core dynamics of companies’ culture.

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By Mia Meroi, TC Marketing Team