Veeam v9 is the new Bully in the neighbourhood

So….My New Year’s resolution for 2016 is that I hope I will stay young forever :) , maybe digesting it took time but ,On 22.6.2016 I’m going to be 30 years old which means that I’m becoming a grown up I believe. Well that’s why I’m only writing today for the first time since a long time. There is another thing maybe regarding me becoming a father in the near future but that’s another story :)
 I think this a little also how I see Veeam B&R v9 today. It’s like being the small child in the neighborhood where the bullies are around you and one day you stop to be bullied and become the bully (In a good way of course). Veeam v9 came out couple days ago and with that a new attitude. I don’t know how this happened in one day but Veeam B&R is official an enterprise solution. It sound like an insult with the right sound but this is maybe the first time I can tell you that a 10 year old company is actually doing all right moves.

The little kid is providing with Veeam B&R v9 a version that includes lots of features that is very Enterprise oriented which is certainly puts him in my

opinion at the TOP. In the next couple of weeks I’ll address features that were improved and especially new ones that should be mentioned and show-off they compared to what other ways there were to achieve the same thing.

The current Key features that I liked the most and everyone should start look into are:

· Scale-out Backup Repository- To tell you the truth this is my feature. I love it and most of the people maybe will not understand why this is so big but in a way it’s providing you the flexibility in designing environments. Furthermore, I see it like a way to start dividing the components in an organization to an internal cloud architecture( I’ll address it in the next post about this feature)

· Backup from Storage Snapshots for EMC — Although Backup from snapshots are old news with Veeam B&R v8, in this version you opened it up to a new range of customers which could be enjoying this amazing feature with the EMC VNX & VNXe.

· Veeam Explorer for Oracle –When you say Oracle you say enterprise. These two (2) things go together and Veeam starts now to play in this ground field. With Veeam Explorer for Oracle you will be able to do Transaction-level recovery of Oracle databases, including agentless transaction log backups, enabling precise point-in-time restore.

· Veeam Cloud Connect Replication — This also is one of the most beneficial capabilities to create an immediate DRP site without thinking on special configuration and special cost for hardware. You can choose to replicate to any service provider of Veeam Cloud & DRaaS and there you have it. I’ll demonstrate it also in the next couple of weeks.

There are many other improvements and I’ll touch lots of them of course and showing them off :) but these above are my chosen ones for Veeam B&R becoming a Grownup.

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