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If you want to write more, start using a note taking app. It will transform your practice.

Obsidian is my tool of choice but there are many others. It works because it mirrors the way I think, allows me to make connections, both random and specific, and doesn’t require me to have all my ideas complete.

Before Obsidian, my writing was hit and miss due to:

• the blank page

• lack of inspiration

• the need to finish

Obsidian gave me the tools to create a workflow

Writing from scratch is hard. But that’s how I had always done it. Obsidian is also my repository for ideas and inspiration. Writing with abundance (David Perell) showed me how to use my reading to develop my own ideas. That changed everything. And with Obsidian Publish I can share my notes!

It’s like your own personal Wiki

Years ago when I first started writing I needed Obsidian, or, at least, Zettelkasten.

I wish I’d cultivated my journaling habit at an earlier age. All those missing years! I’m in awe of anyone who has documented their life in notebooks. Obsidian’s Daily Notes let you do just that.

My favourite element though — links, backlinks and the graph. I don’t have to think logically, just throw everything in, add links or tags and Obsidian does the rest.

Since Obsidian:

• Book outlining is easy

• Finding references is a cinch

• Nothing is forgotten

• I’m writing in public

Obsidian lit a fire beneath me from day one. It’s not gone out. It’s made writing easier but, best of all, I’m publishing more. And that’s the goal.

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