Don’t Hang Me Up!

Today we released another Talko update — please go get v2.0.2 in the App Store.

The most notable improvement is a change to the call hangup behaviors. One of the benefits of Talko calls is that LIVE conversations can continue later-on, not-LIVE. So a team member who missed a meeting can enter when they free up, catch up on what happened, and actually participate!

We previously had a rule that allowed the call creator to hangup the call at any point in time. There were reasons why that made sense, but it led to one oddball condition. If you started a LIVE call with your team, and someone else entered later and was trying to consume or add to the call while you happened to be in there as well, then the only way for you to exit was for you to hangup and kick them out of the call as well! It was a somewhat rare condition, but darn annoying when it happened. So, we made an improvement such that it won’t happen again:-)

Also, in addition to a set of small bug fixes, there’s an important fix related to offline participation. There was an issue that caused a small number of offline messages to not be transmitted once back online. That’s been fixed. If somebody hit this bug when sending you a message while offline, then after you upgrade you may find that you have a new unread message ‘from the past’. Now you’ll know why. Our apologies for this one — hopefully the conversation is still relevant.

As always, please share any and all feedback with us!