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Aug 11, 2015 · 5 min read

UPDATE: The integration now works bi-directionally. Whether you start a team call via the slash command in the Slack channel while at your desktop, or in the Talko app while mobile, the call will be linked and posted to the Slack channel!

Shortly after our launch we heard from several teams who were using both Slack and Talko daily. We heard from product development teams who do daily “standups”, sales teams who do weekly status calls, event marketers who communicate across event sites, and several others. They described using Slack for team messaging, and Talko for team calling.

These teams were asking for a more integrated way to use Talko and Slack.

So we built it, and a couple months ago we began using it (and loving it!) every day to start our own daily standup calls from Slack. Beta customers helped us refine the integrated user experience over the past few weeks. We’re thankful for the feedback from X Prize Foundation, Litmus, Vision Critical, Nodo Arquitectos, 8:45A, Velocity Growth, and several others.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Talko is an “official” Slack integration! It’s now simple to set up, and openly available for any team to start using. The benefits include:

  • Reliable team calls on mobile or web: Team members’ iPhones immediately ring when a call starts in a Slack channel. Regardless of location or network, everyone can have a reliable, high quality call experience.
  • Transparent and productive communications: All Talko calls are recorded. Team members who couldn’t be there LIVE can enter later to listen to the entire call or just its important moments. This helps teams stay in sync, remember critical decisions, and get things done quicker.

As a bonus, teams using our Slack integration can take part in team calls via an early beta of our web app. This allows everyone to participate in the most natural way possible. Mobile team members will answer the Talko ring on their iPhone (Android is coming soon), while those at their desktop can choose to use the web app with the Google Chrome browser.

Starting a Talko call is as simple as typing “/talko <subject>” in any Slack channel. The subject is optional, but often helpful because it indicates to others what you want to talk about. When you send the slash command, slackbot responds with a link that is visible only to the call creator. Click that link to begin the call.

Type “/talko” or “/talko <subject>” in a Slack channel, then click the slackbot link to ring all team members.

All channel members’ iPhones will receive a Talko ring once you click the slackbot link. Additionally, a call link is posted to the Slack channel. Any channel member can click this link to enter the call in our beta web app. The link provides immediate entry into the LIVE call, as well as access to the call recording at a later time.

Team members can answer the call on mobile via the Talko ring, or on the web by clicking the link in the Slack channel.

The call looks and behaves the same, whether in the web or mobile app. You can see who’s there and talking, share photos and make text posts, add audio bookmarks, and more. In the web app, you can also post a link to a Dropbox file via the “+” button to the left of the text edit control.

The same exact call, shown in the Talko mobile app and the Talko (beta) web app.

So there you have it. Just type “/talko” to start your team calls. We’re excited for you to give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

  1. Pull down the account menu in Slack. Click “Configure Integrations”.

2. Scroll down the Slack Integrations list until you see Talko. Click “View”.

3. On the Talko integration landing page, click “Add Talko Integration”.

4. You’re ready to go! You’ll see a brief usage guide on the integration page.

That’s all it takes! Now just type “/talko” in a Slack channel. Everything will work smoothly if you’re already a registered user of the Talko app. You just need to authorize on the first attempt. If you’re not already a registered Talko user, we make it simple for you to register and get started in the beta web app once you click the call link in the Slack channel.

Please share feedback! And, if you encounter any issues please send mail to

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Here, the Talko Team blogs.

Talko Team

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We want to make your team’s mobile communication simpler and more pleasant.

Tap the Mic

Here, the Talko Team blogs.

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