Thanks, Yo

Let’s talk turkey here — tomorrow we we shall tip our glasses to:

  • Our customers, first and foremost. So many risk-taking teams and people have become early adopters of Talko. You are the change agents looking for a more effective, more sensory way to communicate and get things done while mobile. In just two months since we launched, we’ve learned so much from your use cases and feedback. We’re thrilled you’re on this journey with us — it’ll only get more fun and adventurous from here:-)
  • Our customers to be. We’ve heard demand globally — very soon Talko will be available in several languages beyond English, starting with Spanish and German. And, we’ve heard much demand for Android. We continue to work furiously on it as a top priority. Thanks for your patience.
  • The good people at Apple. We’re thankful for the time and attention you provided as we prepared to launch. Your feedback helped us make the product better.
  • The good people at Amazon and Microsoft. AWS and Azure are amazing — thank you. And thank you to the teams at both Amazon and Microsoft who’ve provided all the assistance, guidance and feedback we’ve ever asked for.
  • Our investors. Best in the business — Greylock, Andreessen Horowitz and Kapor Capital, among others. Thank you for your commitment, help and feedback over the past two years.
  • The deliciousness of #TacoTuesday. Papalote, Marination Station, Anna’s Taqueria and many others — you make our every Tuesday!
  • Each other. For the love of all things good, this is the best, funnest team to work with. It’d be nice to be physically together more frequently, but that is the only downside of being distributed across three beautiful cities — Boston, San Francisco and Seattle. Any great Android developers out there looking for a new team with exciting opportunities and challenges? Mail

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Over, out.

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