The End of Poverty in the U.S

Ending poverty in the U.S may be easier than we think. America is the wealthiest country in world therefore proving we have the most resources- we just need to use them properly. There should be no reason why anyone should be poor. Period. Often times in America when you talk about poverty you might get the answer “Oh they did it to themselves” or “Poverty is a choice” but in my opinion no American should ever be poor.

We need to learn to use our resources correctly. In estimate, there is over 120 million people living in the United States who struggle to meet basic needs and the pandemic has put an even bigger toll on those numbers. Like I said, the poor are often blamed for their own crises, causing an ignorance and inability to help them out. I think America needs to make better policies that will help poverty, not cause poverty and changing those policies could really help us out in the long run.

They say the problem is the person, so we need to fix the person, so they don’t lack the skills that could possibly remove them from their current situation. The biggest thing we need to do here in the U.S to end poverty is to avoid poverty-wage jobs. These people do not have workplace benefits and are not paid a living wage.

If we taxed people appropriately, we could have the money to give out universal health care, housing supports, and making water and electricity and heat a public good. That is exactly the problem in this county is that everything comes down to money. The United States has a dramatically higher poverty rate than other wealthy nations and dramatically greater levels of income and wealth inequality. So, the question is what is it that we aren’t doing here?

“One of the biggest things that’s different about the United States than most other countries are that you can become bankrupt due to medical debt. Not having guaranteed health care and the likelihood of accumulating debt related to health care is uniquely American and incredibly dangerous. Many of the other issues poor people struggle with are smaller dollar numbers, but you can go into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for medical issues. You talk to people around the world, and they just are gob smacked that we allow this.”

Overall, the goal in the U.S is for all of us to not to be sympathetic for the poor and be aware that there is no line of poverty. We can solve it here…other countries have, we just need easier access to resources.




We will be addressing poverty and the different affects it has on people everywhere. The goal is to promote an efficient action plan that would help prevent and end poverty all over the world. We will understand the impact it has and how poverty can be solved for good.

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Alexa Bloomquist

Alexa Bloomquist

Undergraduate Student at the University at Buffalo, Concentration in Marketing.

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