Misfit in a world of robots

My name is Deja Gennelle Campbell. I was born in Linstead, St. Catherine Jamaica. I did most of my schooling here in Jamaica, but I traveled back and forth from the US. After completing high school I moved to Canada then I later returned to my country to pursue a career in music. I started off dancing and then I learned how to sing and act while dancing through my brief Musical Theatre studies in Canada and while dancing with the Beam Dance Company.

Being a victim of bullying, I often struggle with being overwhelmingly shy and having terrible social anxiety as well as an inability to function normally when suffering any amount of emotional trauma, however as I learn more about myself and my inner strengths, I also learn how to handle these situations, through music and through meditation, both of which increase my ability to be calm and rational. It’s not the easiest thing being a ‘misfit’ in a world full of ‘robots’, but I do find the rewards of standing out in a crowd to be much greater than the trials and in that I find great motivation to be who I am at all cost.

I have an incredible need to find like-minded individuals in this world, those who share a common vision, not afraid to be the black sheep as it is no secret this fight can get lonely, those who stand for what’s right and stand for what they believe, those who fight for those who have nothing to give in return and those who give a voice to the voiceless, because only those who believe they can change the world will!

I am most passionate about music, dance, film and overall art, for example: drawing and poetry. The ability to create an alternate reality for others to experience, the ability to tell stories untold, to show people the world that exist out there, to touch people’s heart without ever meeting or knowing them, share another’s pain for one to understand, to create magic and push the boundaries of people’s imagination, stimulate their minds with what ifs and whys and who? And the most magnificent of it all? To show the world in live and living sound and colour, what goes on in a beautiful mind, one of the most God-like talents, it’s as though God has loaned you her paintbrush and canvas and says ‘go forth and paint the world!’ and so I paint!

My youth vision is to see a much calmer, more empathic generation, a generation which uses the arts to its advantage, one which would rather dance instead of fight and sing instead of argue, a generation that understands the pain and struggles of another, a youth strong in morals who wouldn’t dare hurt and betray the ones who love them, leave a man hungry or dying, turn a blind eye to the plight of children and elders or steal, cheat or lie. A youth who values knowledge and seek it and believe in something greater than themselves, a generation longing for greatness and disciplined enough to work to achieve their goals and most of all a generation truly full of Love.

My vision for Jamaica is to see growth and development in all aspects, especially the justice system, education and youth, arts and culture. If we don’t invest in ourselves chances are no one will. If you won’t even bet on your own horse to win, why would I? Until we begin to value our country and it’s ever growing potential, we will remain just that…full of potential but no growth. Let’s fund that upcoming filmmaker, let’s help send some kids to college, let’s upgrade the documentation system in our police stations, let’s grow together!

Talk Up Yout is important to Jamaica and to me, as it provides a platform by which youth may voice their trials and pool great ideas. Having a voice is the first step to youth development. Talk Up Yout has done its part by giving the youth a chance to tell their side, the youth have done their part by making use of the opportunity and now it’s Jamaica’s turn to listen, understand and implement the solutions the youth have suggested. Talk Up Yout! Listen up Jamaica! #TalkUpYout #NationalPride

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