Broken Invasion Open Alpha and Developer Blog Announcement

For the last year I have been working on making a new turn-based strategy game, Broken Invasion. The game is 3D within a 2D plane and required me to make all my own ai.

Over the coming weeks I intend to write about the design decisions I made and all the coding hurdles I encountered (thanks to the ai, there were a lot)

The idea came about a long time ago when I used to go to Saturday school to learn Polish. A friend and I frequently found the lessons tedious and spent a lot of the time writing up choose-your-own-adventure style books or coming up with new games to play on the squared paper we had in our notebooks.

One such game was set in space, in an asteroid field, with loads of different missiles you could fire at your opponent. Each missile was moved by placing the nib of the pencil on to the paper vertically and flicking it with your finger. However far the marking went before it faded out was as far as the missile went in that turn.

We enjoyed the game so much we began thinking of ways we could send the idea to publishers. Of course, that never quite happened and after a while we forgot about it…

Then one day I realised. I’m a developer now! I can make this game myself! I don’t need to try to get a publisher interested! But best of all, this game would translate really well to touchscreen!

The game is now in open alpha testing. If you’d like to give it a go (and leave some feedback) you can follow the link: